Use [[field-name]] to display fields from required tasks.

Important: You can only show fields from required tasks.

Shortcode Commands

Text can be conditionally displayed by using the following commands:

  • [[if field-tags=option1]] conditional text [[/if]] = shows text if option 1 is selected
  • [[if example!=yes]] to show text if this option is not selected
  • [[if example=abc,def]] to show text if one of the options is selected
  • [[if example=abc+def]] to show text if all options are selected (also semicolon could make sense)
  • [[if example=yes OR example2=yes]] to show text if either condition is matched
  • [[if example=yes AND example2=yes]] to show text if both conditions are matched
  • [[if example is empty]] to show text if field is empty
  • [[if example is not empty]] to show text if field is not empty

Shortcode Styling

In order to use any of the shortcodes in html elements such as links (for example <a href=”[[SHORTCODE]]”>) you need to add style=raw (for example <a href=”[[SHORTCODE style=raw]]”>). Otherwise the link will not work.

Single-Select & Multi-Select-Boxes

Single-Select and Multi-Select-Boxes can be styled as:

  • Comma separated list using style=comma or if you do not select a style
  • Numbered list using style=ol
  • Unordered list usgin style=ul

To style the lists use the style= in your shortcode like this [[example-checkbox style=ul]]