1. Make sure that statistics look “good”. We need to filter out high values so an estimate is not 160 hours.
  2. On active blueprints please show the actual data of the currently selected organisation. This data might be different to overall CloneDesk numbers, because workers are faster or quality is higher. So on active blueprint show data if we have enough data for that organisation (Alex should decide). On available show overall CloneDesk if it is a public BP, and organisation if it is for the organisation.
  3. Change Table headings or add help icon, indicating what the user currently seesAlso estimated duration should be calculated for organisation and public.
    The guy who tested CD last week, thought it was a good info to see how long it takes to do the complete blueprint.
    So maybe we can do something like this:
    Public Tab:
    Name | Usage | Estimated Duration …
    New Feature | 1100 (4) | 5:44 (5:21)
    Org Tab:
    Name | Usage | Estimated Duration …
    New Feature | 4 (1100) | 5:21 (5:44)
    The info icon just needs to explain that the number in brackets shows the organisation number on public and the public number on organisation tab.
    If not activated, show a dash or do not show the brackets.

Video showing the new feature: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cYhuX9p05P