For some workflows it makes sense to change how the workflow name is put together.

So for example our texters write texts only if it is a specific type of text (category, article, product description). So they want to know in the task name already, if they want to write the article or not.

To achieve this, add a new field “Workflow Name” to the blueprint details.

Next to the field provide all field shortcodes from the first blueprint element, so the user can enter [feature-name] ([type]). He can also use any other text.

So this workflow would be named “definable-workflow-name (New Feature)”

Additionally, provide these workflow and project based shortcodes:

  • workflow-start-date = dynamic date, when the workflow was started
  • workflow-start-user = dynamic user, that started the workflow
  • project-name (=cd project name) = dynamic project name of the project in which the workflow was started

If first element or a suitable first field is missing, leave the field empty. That’s also how it is handled now.

Video showing the new feature: