1. When user who received feedback decides to make changes on the task, change the [complete] buttons to behave as such:
    – display only 1 button [Update & Complete Task]
    –  when clicked, display a popy with this question “Restart All Follow Up Tasks” and 2 buttons
    [Yes, restart all follow up tasks]
    [No, just complete this task and update feedback sender]
    – when the buttons on the popup is clicked make it behave how it does now
  2. The most recent feedback should be highlighted (eg. a subtle background color) , so that the task owner knows which feedback to focus on. A task may have multiple feedback from multiple tasks, the highlighted background will help the task owner know which is the most recent one and which one to focus on.
  3. The feedback must be displayed in chronological order, the most recent one at the bottom

Video showing the new feature