At the moment it is confusing for users that in “blueprint” overview all blueprints are shown. To improve this lets do the following:

  1. Create three tabs (similar to workflows and scheduled workflows):
    Active Blueprints: shows blueprints that can be used in the organisation
    Available Blueprints: shows blueprints that can be added to the organisation
    Private Blueprints: blueprints created by the user that are hidden to all other CloneDesk users
  2. Blueprints must be added to organisation (only managers can do this) before they can be used
  3. Add new columns to blueprint overview:
    Prio: as now shows how important the blueprint is
    Blueprint Name: Shows the name, shows description in tooltip, links to detail page
    Estimated Duration: Shows how long it takes
    Owner: Shows owner (user for organisation’s blueprints, organisation for public blueprints) of the blueprint
    Visibility: Shows whether the blueprint is privat, for organisation or public
    Actions: Activate in organisation (plus) / Start (play), Schedule (clock), View (eye) / Edit (pen), copy (copy), delete (trash) / remove (trash)