1. Project name should not be editable
  2. channels should not be editable. Instead user should have option to add users to that channel (in modal or on edit channel page) and to show feed for that channel

    At best we show the current “Edit Channel” page in a modal. But we can also just open that in a new tab, if that is faster to implement.

  3. Synced Element is duplicate information. So can be removed. Blueprint name and element name
  4. Created by, assigned to, due date, duration, and estimate displayed with icons and tooltip
  5. edit and delete are placed on the [manage task] modal
  6. Improved description and/or fields layout
  7. Further information from the task layout is improved
  8. Renamed “Further information from the task” to “Information from previous tasks of this workflow”
  9. Redesigned headlines “Tasks from same Workflow” and “Task Log”
  10. tasks from same workflow: “Workflow Name” renamed to “Blueprint Name”