CloneDesk’s Mission

Hendrik Henze, Founder

In a time where more and more jobs will be handed over to intelligent machines, creative entrepreneurs and specialized researchers are needed to envision future services and create meaningful jobs.

CloneDesk wants to help these individuals change how the world works and provide new jobs to humans who are willing to learn and eager to work.

To achieve these goals, …

  1. it supports creative entrepreneurs imagine, create and run decentralized businesses by providing them with structured knowledge and self-managing services.
  2. it supports specialized researchers structure and sell their knowledge by giving them easy access to new clients and helping them automate their services.
  3. it supports enterprises and government by letting them outsource part of their daily work in an easy way without losing quality.

In a CloneDesk world everybody does what he can do best to create more prosperity, a better work-environment, and greater personal freedom for the community as a whole. To achieve this, CloneDesk will create the following solutions:

  • A software to start processes and delegate tasks to employees (done)
  • A marketplace for best practice blueprints (done)
  • A marketplace for micro services
  • A job portal where individual tasks are offered to people who know how to get the job done
  • A crowdfunding platform for structured knowledge and self-managing services (2020): Here entrepreneurs can ask for services or structured processes and sign a letter of intent to buy these when available. Specialized researchers or other entrepreneurs can offer new services for which they need clients.